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Welcome to ABQ Speed Dating Events!  Albuquerque’s Premier Speed Dating Event coordinator!  You have just taken your first step to finding “The One!”  ABQ Speed Dating Events is the perfect way to finally meet that someone special!


ABQ Speed Dating Events are live, one on one speed dating events held at fun, upscale venues. ABQ Speed Dating Events is not an Internet dating website.  ABQ Speed Dating Events do not have long boring questionnaires to fill out.  Only you know who is right for you!  


ABQ Speed Dating Events are for busy, professional singles who are serious about meeting that special someone! These are people who have the self confidence to go out and meet other singles one on one!


Our clientele consists of single professionals. People who want to meet other singles at well coordinated events that provide a fun, safe, upscale, neutral environment.  ABQ Speed Dating Events functions are only held in upscale Albuquerque venues.


Time optimization is a must for our clientele.  You will meet several singles in a fairly short period of time.  All mutual matches are confidentially sent to you, via the email address you submit, within 48 hours of the event. 


ABQ Speed Dating Events has some clear advantages over most other traditional ways for meeting people, such as bars, night clubs, Internet matchmaking sites, etc.  It is clear from the beginning that everyone at an ABQ Speed Dating Event is there specifically to meet people interested in finding a relationship.  Also, singles are grouped in compatible age ranges.  It is extremely time efficient, and unlike Internet matchmaking/dating where people can hide behind their computer screen, you get a clear and accurate view of the other person.  You will actually be able to hear another person speak instead of trying to have a conversation over loud music. It is also extremely cost effective, around $3.75 a date.  You could easily spend hundreds of dollars to take out 8-10 women/men on a dinner and a movie date. Lots of other local/nationwide matchmaking services want you to commit to lengthy contracts or pricey memberships, in which you can end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for them to match you, or set up lunch or dinner dates.


Studies show within a few short minutes of meeting someone face to face, a person can tell if they are interested in another individual.  Also, if there is no match between couples, there are no awkward refusals or turn downs.  With ABQ Speed Dating Events you simply register and pay for a single event, show up at the event, meet approximately 8-10 singles in a fun upscale venue. At the event, you will use the match card provided, to confidentially record whether or not the person sitting across from you is someone you would consider a match for you. If they select you as a match as well….you both will be notified within 48 hours and given each other’s email address.  The rest is up to you!


So what are you waiting for?  Save your spot for the next fun and exciting ABQ Speed Dating Event!  Just pick the applicable age range, pick the time and day of the event you would like to attend, complete your registration information, submit your registration fee, and you are on your way to meeting “The One” with ABQ Speed Dating Events!!